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Changes to the FanDuel Referral Program

Changes to the FanDuel Referral Program

Today, we are introducing several changes to the FanDuel referral program to better serve all FanDuel players and to mutually reward both existing FanDuel users and the users they refer. The changes are as follows:

– Starting August 25, for all new referrals, both the existing FanDuel user and the referred user will earn $10 to play on FanDuel (a $20 total reward). This gives all eligible users a way to earn rewards, without having to wait for a reward over time.

– To ensure that existing participants of our referral program can remain active, users will still be eligible to earn a percentage of play commission for all existing referrals completed before August 25, as long as they remain active FanDuel players. After a 3-month period of no net recruit revenue generated, referrals will become inactive and will no longer earn rewards.

– To be eligible for the program, referred players must be new to FanDuel and also deposit and play $20 in paid FanDuel contests before qualifying. The $10 referral reward must be used to enter FanDuel contests.

For more information on the FanDuel referral program, please go here.

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