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FanDuel Launches “Beat the Score”

FanDuel Launches “Beat the Score”

Daily fantasy sports contests just got a new twist. Today, FanDuel announced the launch of its latest product innovation, Beat the Score, a unique take on traditional daily fantasy contests. Beat the Score contests will follow FanDuel’s standard fantasy format of a 9-man roster and all prize pools will be announced in advance, but to win, users will be trying to hit a target score set for that specific contest.

Every user who hits or “beats the score” will split the prize pool guaranteed for that contest. If no one or everyone hits the target score, all users who entered the contest will receive a refund for their entry fee. Beat the Score contests will go live today for NBA, NHL, and EPL before launching for other sports.

“We are continuing to roll out new products to make our site even more accessible for the everyday sports fan and to ensure everyone feels confident when entering a FanDuel contest,” said Nik Bonaddio, Head of Product, FanDuel. “Giving users a target goal to beat makes these contests fun and easy to understand for new and casual users.”

Now available on or on the FanDuel app, FanDuel Beat The Score contests will have various scores to beat, allowing users to choose their level of difficulty. Historical data from Beat the Score contests will also be available so users understand and can easily visualize what score they’re trying to hit.

To celebrate the launch of the newest way to play FanDuel, the company announced the “Beat the Score Fan Challenge.” From February 28 through March 6, FanDuel will add up all of the player scores in its special “Beat the Score Fan Challenge” and the combined scores will set the prize for a special free contest. The more everyone scores, the bigger the free prize pool gets (up to $25,000).

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