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FanDuel “Mixup” Launches for MLB Contests

FanDuel “Mixup” Launches for MLB Contests

Today, FanDuel announced its latest product innovation, “Mixup,” is now live for MLB contests.

Mixup combines the best of FanDuel’s traditional game format with smaller rosters and changing weekly themes. Beginning today, FanDuel users can enter Mixup contests by going to the MLB tab (where other baseball contests are located) on desktop and mobile.

“We’ve been focused on creating new products to appeal to the everyday sports fan and to ensure there is something for everyone on our platform,” said Tom Griffiths, Chief Product Officer, FanDuel. “We built Mixup because we wanted to introduce new contest variants while designing a fun, fast, fan-friendly product that appeals to all users.”

Features of Mixup include:

  • Smaller roster format: With five rosters slots at launch, Mixup is designed so it won’t take hours to do research and draft a lineup. Users will select two pitchers and three utility players from three different teams.
  • Fun, weekly challenges: Each week, a new theme will be announced, adjusting the player pool for all Mixup contests that week. Offering a new, fresh challenge every week, example themes include “Night Owls,” where users will draft from players in night games and “No Animals Allowed,” where teams with animals for mascots will be removed from the player pool. 
  • Standard MLB scoring: Mixup contests will use the same scoring as standard MLB DFS contests.
  • H2H availability: Head to heads for Mixup will also be available, meaning users can compete against a single opponent in a Mixup contest.

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