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How the Nevada Restriction Impacts Current Contests

How the Nevada Restriction Impacts Current Contests

You may have seen the news that the Nevada Gaming Control Board has banned daily fantasy sports sites like FanDuel and decided that only incumbent Nevada casinos may offer daily fantasy sports in Nevada. We believe we have always operated within the law and will continue to do so while working with officials to remedy this situation.

In the interim, regrettably, we are forced to cease operations in Nevada and will no longer be offering competitions in the state. All users in the state will still be able to make full withdrawals from their accounts. This will impact current contests as follows:

  1. Any Nevada user who was entered into an upcoming contest prior to restrictions being put in place (before 10/15) will have their entries cancelled prior to games starting and will receive a refund.
  2. Any Nevada user who was already entered into a multi-day contest that is still live will not have their results counted and will receive a refund for the entry.
  3. However, Nevada entries will still appear in live scoring. At the conclusion of the contests, non-Nevada winners will initially be paid out for the position their entry finished in with Nevada entries still included.
  4. The day after settlement (Saturday for CFB and MLB contests, Tuesday for NFL contests) all non-Nevada winners who actually finished in a higher position after Nevada entries were removed will receive additional payments for any difference in winnings.
  5. For Nevada users who won a ticket to an upcoming contest and have already been entered, we will credit those entries separately.

UPDATE: Until we can clarify the concerns of the Board, we will no longer be hosting the 2015 World Fantasy Football Championship in Las Vegas. That said, the show will go on, the event will still be held on the same weekend, and the experience will be better than ever. We are looking into alternative locations to host the WFFC and will continue to provide updates as we have them. All valid finalist entries and trip packages will apply.

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