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Response to AG Healey’s Final Regulations in Massachusetts

Response to AG Healey’s Final Regulations in Massachusetts

“We want to thank Attorney General Healey for her deliberate, comprehensive approach to ensuring the viability of fantasy sports in Massachusetts and protecting consumers in the state. The Attorney General requested and carefully reviewed comments from the fantasy sports industry and consumer protection advocates over the past 60 days, and made sensible adjustments to several provisions, which will ultimately benefit consumers. Although we share the goal of protecting consumers, we have concerns the regulations, in some instances, will restrict the ability to introduce new pro-consumer innovations. Nevertheless, we will work diligently to ensure we are in full compliance, and hope to see the regulations evolve over time to continue to allow further innovation.

Again, the Attorney General took a thoughtful approach from the beginning, and we look forward to working with lawmakers across the country in a similar manner. We fully support sensible regulations to protect consumers and ensure sports fans nationwide can continue playing the games they love.”

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