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Response to Injunction in New York

Response to Injunction in New York

In response to today’s ruling by the New York judge, please see the following statement: “We will be appealing — this is only the beginning of the legal process and, perhaps more importantly, the New York legislature is already moving forward on action to ensure our game remains legal and is regulated, which we strongly support. The court specifically noted that this was not a final determination of the issue and that discovery would be needed to fully resolve the legal question, which we think should be decided in our favor when all of the evidence is in.

New Yorkers have been able to legally play our games for more than six years, and today’s preliminary decision was wrong and we expect we will ultimately be successful. A number of issues became very clear in court: first, the outcome of fantasy sports contests are determined by skill, not chance. Second, the Attorney General’s argument for season-long fantasy sports being legal does not hold water — if season-long fantasy is legal, then daily fantasy is legal, and vice-versa. The court was very concerned about this issue, but found the issue of whether the AG was failing to enforce against seasonal fantasy sports was not yet squarely before the court – but it will be. As the court itself noted, FanDuel is permitted in other states, making New York very much an outlier on the issue, as most states are moving towards sensible regulations — not bans, but the Attorney General decided he knows what is best by denying New Yorkers access to a game they have embraced and shared with friends and family for years. We remain committed to ensuring all fantasy sports are available to New Yorkers, and will work to bring our product back to sports fans around the State through our appeal and working with the legislature to enact sensible regulations for fantasy sports.”

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