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Schedule Changes to NFL Slates

Schedule Changes to NFL Slates

We wanted to share with you some schedule changes we’ll be making to our NFL slates. Starting in Week 3 (9/22), our main NFL slate will be Sunday Only (changing from Sunday – Monday). This means your lineup will comprise players that are only playing on Sunday. This will include our biggest tournaments, including the NFL Sunday Million. All of these contests will now be labeled as “Main” rather than “Sunday Only.” As Monday games are now excluded from the slate, all contests will settle a full 24 hours earlier and your winnings will be in your account by Sunday nights when contests settle.

All other slates will still run – specifically, we will still offer a Sunday – Monday slate and we will still run a Thursday – Monday slate – giving you the opportunity to play in various leagues and contests across all slates, including event qualifiers (such as the World Fantasy Football Championship and Playboy Mansion).

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