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Update On Fantasy Sports Legislative Activity Across the Country

Update On Fantasy Sports Legislative Activity Across the Country

Fantasy sports fans are continuing to see incredible momentum across the nation with State legislatures advancing positive regulation of fantasy sports.

Today, the Virginia General Assembly passed a bill clarifying the legal status of fantasy sports and installing consumer protection regulations by a vote of 79-19. This follows the Virginia Senate voting 28-10 in favor of the bill last week.

This marks the fifth legislative body in just the past few weeks to pass a fantasy sports bill, highlighting the movement nationwide towards regulating daily fantasy sports and ensuring our game remains legal. More than 20 state legislatures are currently moving needed fantasy sports regulations. Last year, we called for our game to be regulated and millions of fans have been asking their elected officials to act — and now it’s happening.

In California, a bill clarifying daily fantasy sports’ place in state law and establishing industry-wide regulations passed in the state Assembly by an overwhelming majority, 68-1.

The Indiana State Senate, by a vote 38-11, passed legislation to clarify the legality of fantasy sports in the state along with industry supported consumer protection provisions.

In Florida, a pair of bills that would further define fantasy sports as legal in the state and establish various consumer protections passed the Senate Regulatory Affairs Committee and the House Finance and Tax Committee.

Bills were also heard recently in committees in Alabama, Nebraska, Oklahoma and West Virginia, all of which will be up for larger consideration soon.

No state has voted down a fantasy sports bill, either in Committee or full chamber, as lawmakers are hearing from their constituents and learning what fantasy sports is really all about.

Real progress is being made. FanDuel, led by our fans, will continue to work with lawmakers everywhere to establish laws ensuring players are protected and can continue to play the games they love.

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