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We’re Bringing Dan Patrick Back to Fantasy Sports

We’re Bringing Dan Patrick Back to Fantasy Sports

Dan Patrick calls himself a “fantasy junkie.” And, after a ten-year hiatus, we’re bringing him back into the game. We are extremely proud to share that we have signed a multi-year partnership with the renowned sports media personality himself, making us the exclusive Fantasy Sports partner of Dan Patrick, and his radio and TV programs.

Dan Patrick’s programs are carried on over 275 radio stations nationwide and delivered to over 80 million homes every day via DIRECTV’s Audience Network. He also currently co-hosts NBC’s Football Night in America and serves as a senior writer for Sports Illustrated.

Here’s what Dan has to say about our new partnership:

“FanDuel has revived the interest and excitement I used to have for fantasy sports. I was an avid player for a long time, but it’s only since discovering FanDuel that I’ve found myself really engaged with the process the way I was at the beginning. Anyone who’s drafted a fantasy team knows what I’m talking about—even when you’re having breakfast with your family, you find yourself thinking, ‘maybe I should try to draft that guy…’ Because of the one-day or one-week competitions, I’m in a constant state of ‘draft excitement’ these days. Vying for bragging rights among the guys on the show hasn’t been this intense in a long time.”

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